Weekend R&R (Review & Resources) ~ 33

Just 3 little weeks of school left!  Is it really mid-May already?

What we've been up to...

Week 33 Review~

  • A Day on the BAY:  When you live in a place surrounded by water, it's hard NOT to justify having a boat.  We recently purchased a used boat...Hubby gave up the Harley for a recreational vehicle the whole fam could enjoy.  Last weekend was our first opportunity to spend a whole day on the water.  What a wonderful day!  The boat gives us access to places we just could not go otherwise.

  • Dancing Days:  My daughter's dance recital is tonight.  Lots of extra practice this week.  

  • School Days:  The kids are getting more and more anxious for summer break (almost as much as me).   

            Finished Explorers, now on to Pirates           

                Still learning Constellations

                     Math books are still open


                                 Spelling......2 more lists

  • TV Weekday Fast, week three~ lots of card games


  • Did you know that May is National Egg Month?  When the cupboards are bare or someone is sick, make this.  egg+ butter+leftover rice=deliciousness)



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