Thrifty Garden Shelf

NEED:  Functional, but pretty, storage for misc. potting stuff

BUDGET:  limited

GOAL:  make from mostly thrifted or found items



TIME:  While doing the job in starts and spurts it took me 3 weeks to get from a pile in the garage to above pictures, the work could have been done in one afternoon.

COST:  $36 total
  • $15 for both headboard and footboard pieces
  • $15 new pine boards (reclaimed would have been better, but I wanted this project FINISHED and my local home center did the cuts for free...just keeping it simple)
  • $6 for 1 quart indoor/outdoor white paint

I'm pretty proud of my little shelf!  I wanted to put something on the top, like a peg-board or other flat surface from which to hang things.  Something like this....


or this...


Really, these people are so creative!

I'm still hoping to add a topper of sorts, for hanging storage, but in the meantime, I'll use it as is.  
What do you think ~ topper or not?


p.s. Linking up with Share Your Thrift Haul at Simple Design


  1. I think a topper would be fun to make. You should go for it, although it looks really cool. You should come over to my blog and check out the upcycled links page and add your own.


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