Messy Monday 4.30.12~ Car Trash

Happy Messy Monday, everyone.

My entry for today may not seem like much, but it represents a pattern of behavior in my kids which I am desperately trying to change.

My dear children have a bad case of "stash-the-trash-itis."  They LOVE to brag about the cleanliness of their rooms, all the while, they know good and well that under the bed lies mountains of clothing, garbage, paper, books, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I busted them on this big time.

I snapped this photo on my phone upon discovery of this pile behind the dresser.  I had already blown my top that morning over the pile 5 times this size under the bed, so at this point, it was almost laughable.  The sad part was that much of what I found was clothing, and it was clean clothing!  They are responsible for putting away their laundry.  Well, I found out that day what their idea of "put away" meant.

You know what upset me most out of this whole thing?  We had been having untold amounts of strife over lack of clothing.  The boys would need something to wear in the morning and they were digging things out of the dirty clothes, they were taking their big brother's clothes, and I was completely perplexed and annoyed that, even though laundry was all caught up, they still had nothing to wear!!!

So, the truth came out!  I was not a bad mother.  There was not a laundry monster consuming all of their clothing through the dryer vent.  The clothes were all under the bed!!!  URRGGGGG!

Eventually, I got over it.  And you would THINK that they would wait at least a month or two before repeating this same offense.  They did---sort of.

However, I find that the "stash-the-trash-itis" takes many forms.  Here is what I found this morning in my car when I lifted the back seat to make room for something.  That's my lovely daughter in her ballet costume (we were doing a photo shoot).  The only other female in the house, she is just as perplexed as I am.  The photo does not do justice to all the crud that was all over the carpet hiding just under the middle car seat.  Sigh.

Keep Calm and Move On.



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