The Gallery ~ Presentation Night ~ April 2012

A sample of work presented by the kids on presentation night, 4/26/2012:

We have been studying Vermeer in April.  He often did portraits of people in the midst of their work; ie, The Geographer, The Milkmaid, The Astronomer.    They were usually pictured near a window with light streaming in with a furnished room in background.   Here is my DD's painting in keeping with that idea titled, "The Blogger".

Our monthly musician studies culminate in a project called, "My Symphony", for the younger two boys (3rd/5th).  They must put together a collage that best represents that composers' music to them and be able to explain it at presentation night.  

This is my 3rd grader's collage for Stravinsky.  The letters "r.o.s" stand for Rite of Spring.  The dinosaurs are there because the song was used by Disney in the dinosaur scene in the movie, Fantasia.  So, there you go.

My 5th grader's final project on Vermeer.  He decided to focus on the still-life aspects of Vermeer's paintings.  In every portrait scene (such as those mentioned above), Vermeer included incredible realistic still-life components.  

Finally, to end our monthly Poet study, my 3rd grader wrote this poem as a nod to John Milton's subject matter. No editing by Mom~

"Paradise Found"

Paradise found when I accepted Jesus
and also when He returns.
Paradise would never have to be found if Eve had not listened
to that serpent.
The darkness of the world would not be
if that had not happened.
There wouldn't be any burglers
or sickose
or any in the world.
I just wish right now he would come back
just right now

The End.


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