Artist Study ~ Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer (1632 ~ 1675), Dutch artist, Dutch Golden Age

The Procuress (detail), c. 1656 possible self-portrait


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  • Living Books

Product DetailsVermeer Interviews   |    Bob Raczka

Vermeer's Secret World (Adventures in Art (Prestel))Vermeer's Secret World | Vincent Etienne

  • Images to print ~ I will hang these on our school room (dining room) wall for picture study.

Christ in the House of  Mary and Martha, c.1654-1655, oil on canvas

The Procuress, 1656, oil on canvas

The Milkmaid, 1658-1661, oil on canvas

The Astronomer, 1668, oil on canvas

The Geographer, 1668-1669, oil on canvas

Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665-1667, oil on canvas

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