School Days 2011 ~ Week 4

A quiet week...

~Learning about Chaucer:  His father and grandfather were wine merchants.

~Drawing Giotto:  He was not just a painter, but also an architect.  He designed the bell tower at the Florence Cathedral.

~Listening to Vivaldi:  He trained orphan girls to become world-class musicians at the Ospedale della Pietà.

~Letters from a Roman Solider in Medieval Britain

~Showing the power of the sun's energy concentrated through a lens

~Living room jam sessions

~Waxing Poetic:  
            The Prompt was, "Write a poem about a very small object."  My 8th grader's response:
             My apologies to the squeamish among you.

The Maggot

Oh, the maggot,
He really does have it;
A warm shell and plenty to eat
Poop and toe-jam from human feet.
Not a worry in the world,
Safe here in his tree;
Until he hears a pecking.
What could that be?
Then the beak comes in 
And rips him out of his rest,
And the woodpecker flies him to a nearby nest.
He falls down into a baby bird's mouth
Where his body is ripped up and swallowed down south.

                                                                  By Nathan


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