Comfort Food for Sick Ones

Our household has been passing around a nasty cold this week.  Time for Egg Rice.

My grandmother fed us this when we were sick.  I am not sure the origin of this tradition, but our family is known for it.  I once posted this on Facebook and  a childhood friend commented, "That is such a Simon thing!"

Basically, this is egg fried rice without the Asian flavors.  I don't know why it tastes so good when you're sick.  Perhaps the simplicity of the ingredients ~ butter, rice, egg, salt, pepper....comfort in a bowl.

"Fry" some leftover rice in a pat of butter

make a well in center, add more butter, one egg, & salt/pepper

scramble, let cook until almost set, then mix with rice, stir & cook till done

finish with one more pat of butter


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