Trees & Turtles

Yesterday brought rain.  Not the slight and steady dewy mist to which we were accustomed in Washington. This rain was alive.  Storm clouds tumbled in with the speed of a jet-liner, replacing stifling summer sky with a brooding, eerie coolness.  On my way to the Mart, I decided to stay the course.  Southern summer storms do not stay long in one place.

Made it into the store just before the deluge.  Good thing I'd brought the long list, I could be there a while.  Pushing my cart up and down the massive isles, the rain let loose its full force overhead.  In stops and starts, the water danced, then stomped, then tip-toed, then stomped again on the plastic skylights.  Intended to help illuminate this massive stuff-mart, the opaque roof tiles were of no help this day.  Thick storm overhead cast a dreary gray tone on every isle.

Making my way from paper goods, to dairy, to canned, to frozen...the rain continued.  Checking off my last two items in produce, my phone rang.  Dear Daughter called to make sure I'm okay ("You're not trying to drive in this are you, Mom?").  How sweet is that?  Then to inform me that a pine tree had just fallen on our roof.  I must say, her calm was amazing.

Me:  "What?!  How?  When?  Where?"
Her:  "It's okay, Mom.  It's on the roof over your bedroom, but I've checked all in there and don't see any damage inside."
Me:  "Was it loud?"
Her:  "Uh....yah."
Me:  "Okay, then.  Good thing we are renting."

It never did stop long enough to get the groceries in the car, so we just wet.

Arrived home to assess the damage.  There was, in fact, a tree on my roof....but not through the roof, praise God.

The storm finally emptied itself out and moved on.  That's when we found this guy....

far from home, swimming through our backyard.  Did I mention there was a lot of rain?


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