President Profile~Older

Continued from yesterday's post....

These are the sheets I created for my older children to use in studying about our presidents.  I designed them to serve not only as research organizers, but also writing prompts.

These sheets will give them guidelines as to what to look for as they read.  Depending on how strong their writing is, you may need to do a good bit of coaching at first.  My kids needed most help with composition and resisting the urge to just copy straight out of the book.  I needed to help them digest what they were reading, organize it their minds, then put it down in their own words.

These samples were done by my daughter in her 8th grade year.  My son used the same sheets that year when he was in 6th grade.

You are free to use this file for your homeschool or your co-op.  Please do not call it your own creation and/or try and sell it.  Simply pass it on to bless others!  Thanks


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