State Studies

"Coast to Coast" is a set of study sheets I designed to help my kids gather and organize information as we made our way through each of the United States of America.

Coast to Coast is organized into 4 pages covering everything from state bird to natural landmarks to famous natives.  Two of the pages include mapping exercises.  You will need a simple outline map of your state to complete this part of the study.  I get mine here.

The study culminates in a creative writing exercise.  Learners take all of their new knowledge of a particular state, pretend they are on vacation there, and write a letter home telling all about what they have seen and experienced.

These have been such a helpful tool for us, guiding our reading and research, while at the same time giving us valuable composition, grammar, and spelling practice.

The samples were done by my son at the 6th grade level.

My 3rd grader also used these sheets.  However, I did have to give him quite a bit of guidance.

I  think you could use these from 3rd (guided) even up to 8th grade; depending on the learner.

You are free to use this file for your homeschool or your co-op.  Please do not call it your own creation and/or try and sell it.  Simply pass it on to bless others!  Thanks


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