Poetry Study ~ Thanksgiving

Due to the short school month (we are taking off the week of Thanksgiving), I have decided to forego studying a particular poet and focus on a theme instead.

Thanksgiving is the natural choice.

Enjoy our resources, be inspired, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Poetry by Theme Notebook Pages~ please feel to use and share, just kindly do not sell as your own wares

Thanksgiving Poetry Online:

The Holy Bible
  • Check a good concordance for words like; "thanks", "thanksgiving", "thankful", "gratitude"
  • The Book of Psalms is filled with songs of thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Art to Inspire You

Thanksgiving Day--Ways and Means, Winslow Homer

Refugee Thanksgiving, Norman Rockwell, Nov. 27, 1943

Freedom From Want, Norman Rockwell, 1943

Grace, Eric Enstrom, 1918

Add Art Idea:
~Print out the paintings above, or find you own online, and do a Thanksgiving-themed art study
~Create simple notebook pages for each work of art.  Include the name of the piece, artist's name, date of the piece, medium (watercolor, oil, tempera, etc.), as well as any interesting history relating to the piece.
~Do a picture study of each piece.  Show the painting on your computer screen, as large as possible.  Study it for several minutes.  Talk about the details, what is happening in the picture, etc.  Shut off the screen and try to recreate the piece from memory.

Add Language Arts Idea:
~Create stories to go with the various poems and paintings you are studying for Thanksgiving
~There are some really interesting Victorian Thanksgiving greeting cards on line.  It might be fun to look some up and make up a story to go along with these fanciful and unusual images.

As always, we would LOVE to hear your ideas and or how you used the ones found here!  Please post a comment below.  Also, you can email us pics of your work and we will post them in our gallery.  



  1. Thank you for the good resources here. You've presented some good ideas also. Thank you :) I really like the notebooking pages especially.

  2. I love the pictures you found! I need to show my kids. Some of them come with fond memories, but I haven't seen them in so long, I forgot about them!

  3. I love the pictures you chose. You have some great ideas for a wonderful study. I wish I had seen this a couple of days ago! I'll come back and look at this next year. Really I will. I'm going to bookmark this page, so I can remember.

  4. @ Blossom: Because I am always looking for new & fresh ideas myself, I love to share what I find or any inspirations I have with others who are looking too. Thanks for stopping by! @ Phillipsgirl: I agree about the pictures! Many of the Rockwell pics, I'd never seen before I did this post. There were lots more & it was hard to choose! @ Penny: Thank you for the kind comments. If you enjoyed this post, I have similar posts for Poet, Art, & Music studies for December. You can find them in the "School Room". Come back anytime! Merry Christmas to you all. :)


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