Spring Sewing

Tired of trying to fit my pear-shaped body into off-the-rack clothing, I have taken up garment sewing again. 

A work in progress...I spent most of the afternoon raising the height of that neck line!

Next on the sewing rack...a retro wrap dress for my dear daughter.  She chose this very springy linen.

I snagged this purple seersucker at a thrift store for about $5!  I'm making the middle view with the short jacket (no fabric for that yet...waiting for the perfect match to go on sale).

This will be the cute wrap number, lower left. 

These wild print panels are actually curtains I picked up at the above mentioned thrift shop for $4.  I will make the dress out of the print and the long coat out of the brown linen-look.  The shiny stuff is for the coat and dress bodice lining.

There!  I blogged it.....now I HAVE to get them done!!!!

Will keep you posted on progress.


  1. I would never let you NOT finish my dress. I'll bug you about it till it's finished. :)


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