My First "Me-Made Month"

Hello, Blogging World.  I have been peeking into your little windows for quite some time and have gained so much inspiration and cheer, I have decided to put up my own display, as it were.
I've never published a blog, but I have produced 4 lovely children and managed a cozy home with my husband for nearly 19 years.

To begin my blogging, I will document my efforts at following the Me-Made-March '11 challenge put forth by this inspiring blogger (  My pledge is to wear at least 1 item (clothing, jewelry, handbag, jammies) either made entirely by me, or "re-purposed" by me every day during the month of March.

I hope to hone my blogging skills through trial and error and I gladly accept gracious critiques/advice from anyone who stumbles across my little place on the internet.

So, back to the MMM challenge. 

Very comfy 6 panel, elastic waist skirt. 
Fabric:  Medium-weight Cotton, purchased 2 years ago, sat for ages. 
I made the skirt about a month ago, lined it for a little extra warmth ( I live in Pacific Northwest, USA). 
The double "flounce" added to the skirt bottom made this garment look like a bad wardrobe piece from Little House on the Prairie.  I promptly removed it.  I think my 5'4" frame just could not support that much skirt!


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