Some Lucky Resources

I love decorating for all holidays, but too many trips to Hobby Lobby and my budget will suffer the consequences.  Trying to keep things simple & economical, I am sharing the resources that have inspired my Lucky Decor.

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Banner Instructions:
1.  Print out "L-U-C-K-Y" images (below) on desired sized white card stock or paper
2.  Trim close to green outline edge.
3.  Using glue or double-stick tape, attach trimmed letter papers to green or patterned papers.
4.  Trim around edge of colored/patterned paper to make it same shape as letter paper, leaving as much colored/patterned paper showing as you like.
5.  Punch two holes in tops of each letter/patterned piece, about 1 inch from each side and 1/2 inch from top.
6.  String all letter/patterned pieces, in order, onto string, ribbon, or wire.  Decorate with ribbons, fabric strips, etc.  
7.  Hang and enjoy!

More Resources:

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