Thrifty Treasures 2

Tried out two more local thrift shops this week.  All of these finds are from the Salvation Army shop.

Glass Lamp Base (needs new harp, a shade, and maybe new wiring) $5
White Pedestal milk-glass-like container (was an FTD flower container in former life) $2
Silver Tray ($3)
Children's Wildflower Book $1
Florida Gardener's Guide $1


If you have never tried this silver polish, I highly recommend it!  Works beautifully.

I bought two great Nature references, one for me and one for the kids (actually, I'm learning from theirs, too).  The kid book, What Wildflower is It? | Anna Pistorius (©1950), is a trivia-type book.  Each page has an illustration of the flower (s), along with its assigned number, and a trivia question related to that flower.  At the back of the book is a chart listing all 30 flowers by number, each with its common name and its scientific name.  Throughout the book, the author sprinkled an additional 20 wildflower illustrations, and included a quick fact about each.  This book is a real treasure and great addition to our Nature table for homeschool.

I'm linking up over at Simple Design for "Share Your Thrift Haul" Monday.  Can't wait to see what everyone found this week.

Happy thrifting! 


  1. Um, I want to come steal that milk glass bowl! Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Arianne! I was pretty proud of that one. :)


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