Why I Love Scouts

Tuesday is Scout Night around here.  Looking at my schedule for today I realized we have THREE different meeting times for our boys tonight ~ thankfully, the meetings are all at the same location!  Looking forward to a great night of "doing our best".

Why I love the Boy Scouts of America:

  • Family Bonding
  • Great Friends~for scouts and parents 
  • Leadership Opportunities for boys
  • New experiences
  • LOTS of practice in Responsibility 
  • Values and Rewards Hard Work
  • It's FUN!


Cub Scout Motto ~  "Do Your Best!"                                  Boy Scout Motto ~  "Be Prepared"

Weekly Scout Tip:  What to do with all of those patches!

In scouts there is a patch for just about every event, achievement, & milestone.

Very few of the patches are allowed on the Class A uniform.

So what to do with all of the rest of them?

I've seen them put on vests, blankets, pillows, & plaques.

We decided to make a banner. My fabulous mom stitched these up using inexpensive blue felt and customized them with iron-on letters.

She fringed and beaded the bottoms (so cute!) and added feathers to the tops (three moves have left the feathers a little worse for wear).

I have found that hand stitching the patches on is easiest.
I use embroidery floss.

These are great additions to the boys' room
reminding them of the wonderful experiences they
have had in scouting.

Want More Info on Scouting?
Check out the BSA Website


  1. I love this idea and think I'm going to steal, er um get inspired by your idea and make one for Josh's wall. This is a great way to display and remember the achievements and fun had with Scouts! Thanks Allison! Miss you and your family up here!

  2. You are welcome! Steal away. Miss you too.

  3. Lovely! We've been using a bulletin board to display patches. I think I will make a banner like this for my oldest cub's crossing over ceremony. Thanks!
    Scouting is wonderful!

  4. Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing your idea.

  5. I really like this idea. My son just made Eagle Scout and is 16. Do you think this is appropriate for the older scout too? I'm working on his ceremony preparations now and his displays.

  6. If I wanted to buy one of these, where would I go ?????


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