Silence After the Storm

A post from 7/11/2011 which I though I'd lost.  Rediscovered as I am learning about how blogging works.  Enjoy. ~a

Rain has been pounding the rooftop for over an hour.

We were soaked from head to toe after our 20ft sprint from car to front door (garage is not fully clear of boxes yet).

The air-conditioned house felt extra cold to our wet skin.

Sopping shoes left at the door, we track damp footprints from foyer to kitchen.

Arms and legs dry quickly as we warm up leftovers for a tasty lunch of rice, lima beans and tomato gravy.

The rain still pours off the sides of the gutters.

Finally, bellies full, we disperse to our respective quiet spaces.  Somewhere during chapter 4 and 6, we notice the silence.  The storm has passed, leaving behind still, fresh, wet green-ness.

How I have missed these southern summer storms.


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