MMM Day 10 1940's Pink Blouse

My first vintage attempt.

Overall, I am pleased with this 1940's blouse.  It was fun to sew with the vintage pattern.  I focused most efforts on inside details (seam finishing, facings, etc.).

Next time, I will focus more on you can see, the bust area is too big and quite boxy, further exaggerated by the serious waist darts typical of 40's patterns. 

This style was meant to be worn with shoulder pads (yuck!).  I can see, however, that I should have taken out some of the bulk since I had no intention of having linebacker shoulders.  I wore enough of that in the 80's to last a lifetime, thank you very much.

I love the delicate pink is so spring.  I did not have enough for the collar facing, so I used even more of the pink paisley print (wrap skirt & owl bag). 

Fun project.  I will certainly sew more vintage in the future.

*Thanks to my kids for their fabulous photography


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