Thrifty Treasures ~ August 6th

This has been a whirlwind summer!  My first time having all four kids go to camp (at different times, of course).  The teenagers went to camp more than once (youth camp, choir tour, & for the oldest boy, scout camp).  I even went to boot camp, that is!  One week of intensive training in greater Chicagoland, but hey at least I didn't have to cook, clean or do laundry for 5 whole days!!

So, I have not had a whole lot of free time on my hands, which means thrifting has been off my radar screen.  However, last week, while the younger two were away at kid camp, I did steal an afternoon to  scour my favorite shops.

Here's my thrift haul:

This game is so neat!  I could tell from the box that it was from the 80s.  It reminds me of the packaging for the game Othello.  Remember that one?  All of the pieces were there and I quickly got the gist that it's like dominoes, but with more math.  So, of course the homeschool mom in me snatched that up for some "fun" math practice with my kiddos.  As soon as I got home I made my 16yo play with me and.....SHE LOVED IT!  YAY-SCORE ME!

You can still find original games floating around.  But you could also go to the store today and buy a modern version, OR if you must play right away, there is now a Tri-Ominos app for your smart phone.

My cost = $2.99

I'm always on the lookout for books.  My haul today included these four.  The children's book is full of adorable illustrations and funny little poems.  The novel is some bedtime reading for the hubby.  The music book is for me as I try and teach myself more about reading music in hopes of learning to play our new piano.  Football Stories is from the "Boys Life Library".  I have three scouts (4 if you count "Scoutmaster Hubby"), and Boys Life magazines are a coveted prize around here.  They read them cover to cover, over and over again.  I had no idea there was a vintage collection of stories like this.  I'm keeping my eye out for the rest of the collection.

My cost = $6 for all four

Ah, my Lovelies!  I am in love with the blue-green bowl.  Depending on the light it will be one color or the other.  Some more milk-glass.  Can you ever have too much?  I think not!

My cost = $12 for all glass pieces

Because our Goodwill is kind of pricey, I was not able to go home with everything I loved.  Here's what I left behind:

Super-soft afghan in great shape.  (I'm still a little skeptical about bringing home blankets from Goodwill. How do I get them clean?)  Lovely little blue bird trivet.  I do collect trivets (because they are a usable collection), but this one had no hanging mechanism on the back.
Another milk-glass piece.  -sigh-

That's my haul.  It's a big one, but I had to make up for a whole summer!!  I'm linking up over at Simple Design's Share Your Thrift Haul.

Happy Thrifting!



  1. i absolutely love collecting blankets and linens from thrifts. no need to be scared... just careful. do an inspection before leaving the store for any stains, smells or "moving things". those are big red flags! but if it passes the test bring it home, wrap it in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for a week or so. the freezing temp will kill bugs and germs. then, just clean as you normally would to freshen you newly loved blanket! hope that helps.

    p.s. that milkglass is lovely!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Chrissy! I will be brave next time and follow your advice.


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