Recycled "Lucky" Door Decoration

Super-easy and totally free St. Patrick's Day Door Decoration

  • cardboard or foam core board
  • re-usable grocery bags in shades of green
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • Duck tape
  • green ribbon

How To:

1.  Cut out 3 heart shapes from cardboard.  Or  cut 1 clover shape.

2.  If using 3 heart shapes, layer them in a clover shape and tape together with Duck tape (this will be the back, so it doesn't have to look pretty).

3.  Cut grocery bags into strips about 1.5-inch wide and 2.5-inch long (this is not an exact science, variation is good)

4.  Using hot glue attach strips to cardboard in a scrunched-up, ruffly manner until entire surface is covered.  My method:  put several dots of glue, attach several strips (repeat).

5.  For the stem, cut a piece of cardboard in the desired shape.  Wrap with green ribbon and attach to back of shamrock with Duck tape.

6.  Using a pencil, poke a hole through the cardboard and the center top of the shamrock, about 1.5-inch down.  Thread a piece of ribbon through, tie into a loop, and use to hang shamrock.

  • Safety First:  If you do this with kids, be careful with the hot glue!!
  • Alternative Materials:  You could use tissue paper, wrapping paper, or fabric for a similar effect.


If you try this project, please share a picture with us!  Email JPG to addingtothebeauty (at) gmail (dot) com


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