Composer Study ~ Classical Christmas Music

In keeping with our Christmas theme, we will set aside individual composer study for the month of December, and focus instead on those works created by the masters which highlight the life of Christ; in particular His birth.

Here are some ideas for music to study:

  • Cesar Frank's Panis Angelicus (bread of angels)


Music Theme Study Sheets:  Created by me for you to enjoy.  Please do not alter or sell.  Thanks!

As always, we would LOVE to hear your ideas and or how you used the ones found here!  Please post a comment below.  Also, you can email us pics of your work and we will post them in our gallery.  



  1. Hi Allison, just popped in from Hip HS Moms blog roll. I'm slowly getting through the CM blogs. I've enjoyed looking around. Thanks for posting some nice resources. I've really enjoyed your nature table/study posts : D

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jenny! I'm so glad to have visitors to share resources with. I'll be posting February resources soon. So, check back in.


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