Nature Table ~ Butterflies & Moths

Butterflies and Moths will be our Nature Table subject for October.

We are currently enjoying a wave of Monarch and other butterflies in our area as they make their way south for the winter. 

Enjoy our resources and maybe get an idea or two to make your own.

Butterfly Poems & Verses:  Print these out and make a little book of poems for copy work in journals.
                                           See HERE on how we do nature study.

Living Books:

Field Guide to Butterflies  |  Audubon Society

Monarch Butterflies Up Close (Zoom in on Animals!) Monarch Butterflies Up Close  |  Carmen Bredeson

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly [With CD] The Life Cycle of a Butterfly  |  Bobbie Kalman

Other Supplies/Resources:

Magnifying Lens

Tape measure/ Ruler

Labeling Supplies (in case we happen to catch a specimen or to label the photos of the ones we "catch" on film)

Flowers to Attract Butterflies to your Yard:




MORE IDEAS HERE...with zone information


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