Family Binder

3-ring durable binder
page dividers (store bought or make your own)
blank monthly calendars
clear sheet protectors
worksheet for any of the following you would find useful:
  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery List
  • Gift List
  • Clothing Inventory
  • Birthday/Anniversary List
  • Personal Wish List
  • Gifts Given Log
  • Gifts Received Log
  • Celebration Sheets
  • Book Log
  • Books to Read List
  • Travel Log
  • Trip Ideas
Of course, all of this could be done on your computer/Ipad/phone.  If someone wants to apply these ideas more technologically, go right ahead.  I'll stick with low-tech for now.

1.  Make a cute cover for your Family Binder.  You can use scrapbook paper, draw something, or simply put 
     your family name.

2.  Decide what sections you will need and divide accordingly.  Here's what we have:
     grocery, clothes, gifts & cards, celebrate, church: choir, church: youth, church:  kids, dance, scouts,  
     books, travel

3.  Place your chosen worksheets in the appropriate section.  At the back of the binder insert some blank 
     sheets of paper for notes as well as several page protectors for storing misc. flyers, brochures, etc.

4.  Don't forget to USE your binder!!!!!!!

Happy Organizing!

Below are links to my family binder sheets.   You are free to copy these for personal use.  Please don't call them your own creation, or try to sell them.  Pass them on to bless others!  Thanks!

Shopping Lists
This Weeks' Meal Plan
Blank Monthly Calendar
Gifts Given Log
Book Logs
Birthdays & Anniversaries Calendar
Celebration Planner
Personal Wish List
Clothing Inventory

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